Market & Business environment

Knowing the markets, inspiring customers.

Successful product management means to maximize a product’s benefit throughout its entire lifeycle – seen from a customer’s as well as a manufacturer’s point of view. A thoroughly balanced product strategy is the starting point for this journey. It focusses on the most attractive market and customer segments and satisfies their needs with inspiring products and services. During the journey one has to keep an eye on the competitors as well as upcoming technologies. At the same time, the innovation pace has to be adequate in order to not loose suppliers or to neglect the maintenance of existing products.

We are supporting you to keep the sometimes challenging balance between strategic foresight and operational product maintenance. By asking the right cross-functional questions we are providing guidance on the following action areas:

Market & customers
Discover opportunities and satisfy needs

Competitors & partners
Achieve competitive advantage and stay ahead

Production networks & suppliers
Leverage synergies and scaling effects

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Dr. Oliver Anton