Product architecture

The architecture of success. Product architecture.

Product architecture lies at the heart of any product. Just as a building is primarily defined by its architecture. Use product architecture to determine the functions and structural layout of your products. In detail. In fact, even before actual product development begins. Optimize modularity, variance and costs already at an early stage:

Turn reutilization into a central issue. Use module product architectures and libraries. Increase diversity for your customers by skillfully combining components and modules to create different product variants. The key: Modularization.

Serve the markets of today and tomorrow. Fulfill the demands of individualization through efficient managing of your company’s complexity. The magic word is flexibility. The key: Variant management and standardization.

Establish a comfortable cost position for yourself. In order to reach this goal, you must know your products’ cost drivers and identify measures to reduce costs. What you need is a systematic approach. Our specialty. The key: Design-to-cost.


Dr. Henning Skirde