Product & portfolio strategy

Perfection does not mean that nothing can be added – but that nothing can be removed.

Often, product portfolios are growing without control – caused by mergers and acquisitions or by the development of customer-specific product variants. The resulting complexity reduces transparency and is a roadblock for well focused optimization measures.

To tackle this challenge and to optimize the portfolio, the first choice is a systematic screening and structuring of the existing portfolio and its product structures. Then, starting with a transparent baseline, selective improvement measures can be defined – driven by the results of a systematic analysis of the market and business environment. Often the measures need to be quantified by business cases and scheduled by reliable roadmaps for products, modular systems and technologies.

We help you to identify, plan and execute adequate measures for your individual situation:

Product & portfolio optimization
Interpret research results and derive measures.

Business cases
Assess measures from an economical and a technical point of view.

Prioritize measures and harmonize them.

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Dr. Oliver Anton