Protecting Innovations

Honor to whom honor is due.

If you want to enrich the world through innovative processes, products or services, you will only be successful by actually skimming off potentially realizable profits.

This means: we use intellectual property rights to protect your technologies - and your internal know-how. We support you in all stages of your IP management, ranging from gathering and assessing invention disclosures to IP and patent licensing as well as the implementation of (defensive or offensive) IP strategies.      

The following are three selected areas in which we will advance your IP management:


Complex technological products are protected by numerous patents and other intellectual property rights. Only in rare cases, however, it is clear if and how these IP rights take effect in your product architecture. We develop your IP Map to make transparent the costs and effects of your IP portfolio with regard to your product architectures.  
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Which IP rights protect which platform-relevant elements of my product architecture? How do I protect a particularly wide or critical area within my product architecture? 

A tool like our METUS IP Map facilitates your work with strategic IP rights. Also eliminate any white spots – components and functionalities in your product architecture that are sufficiently protected in comparison with competitors.


IP evaluation requires a clear understanding of legal, commercial and technical implication of specific IP-rights. We help our clients to analyze the technical and commercial relevancy of IP for the current and future product portfolio. Our consulting methodology shows the protection impact of IP within products in more detail and enables you to conduct a more specific commercial evaluation of IP.
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Which components are protected by the IP? Does the IP protect technical solutions which are also relevant for other products or product groups? Are important interfaces protected by the IP?

Our methodology helps you to answer these questions. Contact us for more details or any further questions.

IP-Alliance Management

More clarity in cooperative product development: our METUS IP Map clarifies the details of ownership of components, modules or production methods. We bring to light potential IP contflicts.
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We analyze and assess IP risks for our customers. Among our main priorities are the outflow of know-how and the regulation of rights of ownership and use within your development partnerships, e.g. with subcontractors or customers.

Our method both solves and prevents ownership conflicts in the produt architechture and provides solutions which are IP-modular.

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