ID-Consult in a Nutshell

ID-Consult offers innovation and technology consultancy services focusing on the optimization of product architectures and R&D processes. What makes ID-Consult stand out from its competition is the combination of consultancy projects with the proprietary signature software “METUS”. The methodology on which the METUS Software and a major part of all our projects are based was developed by Dr. Jan Göpfert, founder of ID-Consult,  during his doctorate in cooperation with Daimler AG.
ID-Consult has never stopped evolving since its foundation in 1996. This includes new consultancy fields, new functions of METUS Software, internal structural development and much more. All our work revolves around confronting the challenges our customers face in product development and solving their problems. In consequence, it cannot be our goal to develop strategies and concepts without implementing them with our customers. Our main interest is finding pragmatic and practically reasonable solutions that our customers can also implement in the long run – this is the only way to achieve measurable success.       

What makes ID-Consult unique for our employees?

ID-Consult has two central features certainly differentiating us from other consultancy companies: our thematic orientation and our size. Our projects lead us to companies in the manufacturing industry. We always focus on the product – the innovative product idea, product architecture, product development processes. Our work, however, is firmly embedded in the processes of a small company with enormous benefits – quick decision-making, few hierarchical levels, perspective. At ID-Consult, even entry-level employees assume responsibility both for projects and internal matters. Combined with high growth rates, this establishes an environment that allows employees to actively play a part in ID-Consult and develop their own capabilities.       

Grow with us – we are constantly looking for enthusiastic employees of entrepreneurial spirit who are willing to seek out new challenges and assume responsibility.   

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Prof. Dr. Florian Kauf
Yvonne Sehrer