Your first 10 weeks

There hardly are any more exciting moments in professional life than the first few weeks in a new job. How will my first day be? How will I learn what I need to know? When will I get my first project? When will I have my first customer meeting? These and more questions are what keeps us from sleeping in the night before the first day. 

See here how Caroline experienced her first 10 weeks – your start at ID-Consult could be just like that.

Caroline Dohle

First week
My first day was a Friday. After everybody had welcomed me with a smile, I made myself comfortable at my desk, configured my Blackberry and went through all the points of my “beginner’s manual”. I had my notebook with me because I had already supported the ID-Consult team as a student employee for one year. During a half-hour meeting with the two directors of ID-Consult, they told me which projects I should immediately begin with and in which invitations for future project tenders they had included me. Right afterwards I began working on my first project (platform creation for a household appliance). At the end of the day, I had prepared my first presentation and DIN A0 prints for a customer meeting on day 2.
On my second day, I already accompanied a partner to a customer. We worked with an employee from Slovenia, developed the next step of the project and discussed how to proceed afterwards. I spent the rest of the day and the week on examining the project’s METUS model and incorporated the results of our meeting.     
Second week
In my second week, I prepared the kick-off to a second project (innovation workshop with craftsmen). In the meantime, I attended telephone and personal customer meetings for my platform project, had my first assessment meeting with two partners and was asked to write texts for the new website. At the end of the week, I took the train to Frankfurt – alone – to spend two days on looking for potential workshop participants at the world’s leading trade fair for the combination of water and energy.

Third week
By mid-week 3, I had my first big workshop for the platform project, so it took me the first few days of the week to prepare it. It took a few phone calls and meetings with the partner to have all the necessary data, a presentation approved by the partner and DIN A0 prints. At the workshop, we determined the remaining steps of the project and developed more data – which then had to be worked into the METUS model. In the same week, the official kick-off for the innovation workshop project took place at the customer site. It was only me and four developers and product managers of the company to discuss the potential workshop participants I had found, the approach and the agenda of the workshop. In addition, I accompanied two partners of ID-Consult to a proposal presentation at a big automotive supplier and got to know two board members and four department heads.
    Week 4 - 10
In the next days and weeks, I further developed my two projects and assumed responsibility for a solution component of our consultancy concept. Now I am allowed to call myself “Internal Expert on Complexity Cost Estimation”, or something like that.  


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