Brilliantly simple - simply brilliant.

The basic idea behind METUS® is simple: Development-critical information - requirements, components, suppliers etc. - are systematically linked through a complex network. This is the architecture of your future products. Visualized, transparent and optimized from multiple perspectives.

Comfortable and central information management

METUS collects and manages all information relevant to your product, e.g. requirements, functions, components, variants, costs and suppliers. All that in a flexible and simple form like MS EXCEL®. But in a central system. Based on tried and tested, individually adaptable templates.

Simple connection of information

The actual knowledge of product development is created by connecting all this information: Which functions and requirements does a component answer to? How are components bundled up to form modules? At what costs? Which supplier is in charge of what? The result is a transparent information network that describes the architecture of your product. Simply by drag&drop.

Transparent visualization

METUS® creates transparency by means of especially developed visualizations. Shows interconnections, focuses on what is essential. This is how the drivers of variance and costs become transparent – and ready to be optimized. Abstract concepts, such as libraries, modules or intersections are visualized for all stakeholders.

Clear analyses and indicators

Examine your product architecture in more detail. Apply comprehensive analyses and indicators. Measure your achieved degree of standardization, target cost variance or function costs. Use pre-defined indicators or develop your own. Flexible and always extendable.

Automation through formulas and add-ins 

Experts get the most out of METUS®: the integrated formula and programming language makes it possible to automate processes. Create calculations and reports. Implement add-ins with new functions - METUS® can be easily extended and adapted to your specific wishes.

METUS® is extremely flexible. Get to know different Fields of application and be inspired by our Videos!

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Marco van Meegen
Software Engineering