The METUS Diamond

Product architecture - a diamond!

The “METUS diamond“ lies at the heart of the METUS method. The left side describes the product from the customer’s point of view (function perspective), the right side the manufacturer’s view (product perspective). The combination of both sides shows how functions are technically realized -  the product architecture becomes clear. From different perspectives.

Customer perspective

Product architecture development begins with customer requirements and requested product variance (variant driver). This forms the basis for deducing product functions, which are depicted as function structure in the left side of the METUS diamond.  

Product perspective

Solution principles are applied to transform the function structure into a product structure, forming the right side of the diamond. It describes the physical composition of the product from components and modules. Up to the assembly process.  

Variant and product portfolio perspective

Many components are variant (v) or optional (o) components due to the effect of variant drivers. The combination of variant driver values results in the product portfolio as illustrated in product architecture.

Organizational perspective

The organizational perspective is imposed on product architecture. It defines which components and modules are developed and manufactured and which are additionally purchased. What the supplier structure looks like. And who is in charge of what.  

Cost perspective

Product architecture is the perfect basis to examine the costs. Costs for components, modules and assembly processes become just as clear as function costs. All of which can then be optimized.

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Dr. Jan Göpfert
Managing Director