PwC Germany and ID-Consult

PwC Germany and ID-Consult


What exactly is the nature of the acquisition?

The business operations of ID-Consult will be transferred to PwC Germany - this concerns the consulting approach with the METUS method and the METUS software.

When will the acquisition be completed?

The acquisition is expected to be completed before the end of the summer of 2022 ( likely July 1).

How will ID-C customers continue to be supported?

In all likelihood, customers will continue to be served by their existing ID-Consult contacts - in cooperation with PwC.

What changes should I expect regarding my current project?

For ongoing projects, there is the formal change that PwC's General Terms and Conditions will apply from the time of the takeover and that a contractual relationship with PwC will come into effect upon acceptance.
In terms of content, we will continue to provide our consulting services in the usual manner - in this context, services from July 1, 2022 onwards will always first be coordinated with PwC's Independence and Risk department and the new business unit. The contact persons in the project will remain the same.

Will the METUS software be further developed?

The METUS software is a central part of the acquisition and will be further developed.
We are looking forward to launching the next generation of METUS software - METUS Next - as planned with the recently significantly enlarged development team. For this purpose, there will be a market launch coordinated with PwC.

What impact will the acquisition have on the software roadmap?

The existing roadmap for METUS Next remains in place. 
However, we already see numerous possible applications for METUS software in PwC's portfolio that go beyond our previous planning. New fields of application for the METUS software and consequently changes in the software roadmap may therefore arise in the future.

Will contact persons and project teams change?

The ID-Consult team will initially remain as such within PwC in its current structure. This means that the contact persons and project teams will in all likelihood not change.

What benefits can I expect as a customer from the acquisition?

For our clients, the acquisition opens up several advantages: As part of the worldwide PwC network, the METUS portfolio will now be globally positioned and also available locally worldwide through the worldwide presence of PwC network companies. 
PwC's broad portfolio of solutions means that our clients have access to a diverse and coordinated range of consulting services - from a single source.

What changes will there be to our existing agreements with ID-Consult?

With the transfer of operations from ID-Consult to PwC, the contractual relationship also changes. PwC's General Terms and Conditions shall apply from this point in time. It is necessary to agree to these for further cooperation.

What happens to the employees of ID-Consult?

Consulting happens from people to people. PwC would like to take over the consulting team from ID-Consult to the extent possible. The same applies to the employees in software development.

Is there a need for action for me as a customer?

Your contact person from sales or project management will be in touch with you. So you don't have to do anything. 
Before the takeover is completed, however, it is necessary for you to agree to PwC's General Terms and Conditions for the continuation of the collaboration.