Future-proof your product success

METUS: The System of Innovation

Future-proof your product success

METUS: The System of Innovation

Our focus industries, our competences




  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Plant Engineering
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Railway
  • Medical Technology
  • Consumer Goods and Appliances
  • Electronics and Automatisation

Mechanical- & Plant Engineering with METUS Competences

  • with METUS from Engineer-to-Order to Configure-to-Order
  • high market felxibility with a high degree of reus in the product development 
  • modular product system, platform, and optimized product architecture  

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Automotive with METUS competences

  • reduce high variance with increasing complexity of vehicles and systems 
  • the system displays all the development disciplines
  • modulare system platforms and optimization by synchrinizing the development cylcles and methods in the whole product development

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Industrie competences with METUS

  • complexity management 
  • leading method and software for the creation of Winning Products
  • foundation for targeted product development

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The METUS diamond: Four pillars
of product success

  1. Customer value: Understanding markets, competitors and customer requirements, transforming the value proposition into product functions in a structured way.
  2. Innovation and digitalization: Designing and implementing strategies for IoT and digitalization
  3. Modularization and platforms: Mastering variance and increasing reuse
  4. Efficiency and costs: Recognizing and utilizing cost levers across product ranges, implementing manufacturing optimized product structures.

What we do can be explained in just a few words:

We methodically and seamlessly connect the customer’s viewpoint of the product with the structure of the product itself.

The connecting links in between include requirements and variant drivers, technology, functional structure components and modules, suppliers, manufacturing and KPIs.

Our method addresses each of these areas in the form of individual solution blocks.

18 solution blocks in total form the tool kit of product success: Predefined consulting, software and training components based on the METUS method. In this way, we bring our customers quickly and reliably to their destination: Winning Products