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Of course, we want to convince you that we are your partner for product success. However, we know that the path to this conviction begins with a dialogue, and good dialogue starts with good information. This is exactly what we would like to offer you here.
In our specialist articles and white papers, we shed light on the core topics of product development and provide pragmatic advice on where product managers can start to promote business success through successful products.
Dialogue with METUS: Our library of specialist articles is constantly expanding and, thanks to our tireless development, is supported by webcasts and videos on selected topics.

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  • Designing the Digital Twin correctly: Product architecture as DNA of smart products.
  • Optimizing product variance with software as function carriers.
  • Mastering complexity through modularization and platforms.
  • Collaborate across disciplines and make product decisions early and reliably with a system of innovation.
  • From cost-optimised products to cost-optimised modular products with Design-to-Cost PLUS.

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