Mastering Product Variety with METUS

Mastering Product Variety with METUS

Flexible on the market and optimized internally:
Mastering product variance

  • Significant increase in the speed of quotation processes
  • Optimized internal variance with high flexibility for individual customer requirements
  • Cost reduction through reuse and purchasing advantages
  • Make project business with customer-specific scopes profitable
  • Packaged solution consisting of consulting, training and software
    Sustainable methodical empowerment


Variety Management Requirements Product Structure

Mastering product variance:
Here’s how it is done

In product and portfolio planning in mechanical and plant engineering, we encounter three central questions in our projects:

  1. How can high flexibility on the market and for the customer be combined with optimized internal variety?
  2. How can both customer-specific and configurable products be efficiently mapped in corporate processes?
  3. How can companies independently and sustainably maintain and expand the successes they have achieved with variance-optimized modular systems?

A suitable solution approach includes the following elements:

  • Introduce variant management: Identify and evaluate existing product variance and use this to optimize both market-side and internal variance.
  • Use modularization and product platforms to make products largely configurable.
  • Design product architectures in such a way that, in addition to configurable and predefined elements, they also take customer-specific elements into account.

In our experience, there are a few best practices for implementation:

  • Method: building a variance-optimized product portfolio should be done systematically using a proven methodology.
  • Software: Mapping dependencies, linking solution-neutral requirements and the solution-specific part of the product structure, visualization as well as running through scenarios require appropriate software solutions for the product architecture.
  • Sustainable enablement: The optimization of a product line also serves to methodically enable the customer and to anchor the procedures in the company’s processes. After completion of the initial project, the user should be in a position to independently optimize his own portfolio on a sustainable basis.


What are the components of METUS Product Architect Machinery?

We have compiled the METUS Product Architect Machinery solution package on the basis of many similar projects in mechanical engineering. It holds three main components:

  1. Consulting according to the METUS method with workshops and predefined templates.
  2. A software license of METUS software for three users for one year with software team templates, cockpits and apps
  3. Training, documentation and planning documents for a METUS Forum


Can I customize the scope of the package to my needs?

Yes, this is possible. Depending on your requirements, we are happy to customize the scope of consulting, software and training.

How do I continue working after the consulting phase?

The solution package is designed in such a way that you are actively involved from day one. We document the procedure and the results in an individual project manual, which serves as a blueprint for further work.

What software licenses are included in the package?

The package includes a license of METUS software for three users and one year. The license can be extended and expanded as needed.

Which workshops are part of the package?

The package includes five one-day workshops:

  • Portfolio definition workshop
  • Workshop on variant drivers
  • Workshop on product structure
  • Workshop on standardization and variance
  • Workshop on optimization levers

The workshops require preparatory and follow-up work in which the
in which the customer actively participates. The workshops are supplemented
by several shorter review and planning meetings:

  • Review product structure
  • Identification of next steps and optimization potentials
Can I purchase the components individually?

Yes: Consulting, METUS software and training are also available individually.

What does METUS Product Architect Machinery cost?

Our sales department will be happy to provide you with a quote. You can reach us at: or by phone at: +49 89 890 6364 0

How is the design of the product structures documented?

The product structures created as part of the project are customer-specific and are documented in a customer-specific project manual. It describes the structure of the model, the data sources and optimization methods used, and is also a blueprint for the company’s own work after completion of the consulting project.

“Thanks to the METUS methodology and software, we can now better manage the complexity of our development projects.
of our development projects better today.”

Stefan List,  Airbus Operations GmbH
Head of Cabin Innovation Strategy & Concepts, Cabin Innovation & Design

“Actively searching for market requirements for one's own products, translating them into solution concepts, evaluating them, and stringently transferring the most promising ideas into new modular products: These were the consistently pursued steps with which NETZSCH created a ‘winning product’ from the first sketch on the whiteboard to the modular structure.”

Mikael Tekneyan
NETZSCH Pumps and Systems GmbH

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